As we enter 2017 <3

photo and humor credit/my better half … who is now a staff photographer for the blog <3

Hello and happy New Year as many of us enjoy an extended holiday.

And to those of you who are working, we appreciate you and hope you have a day filled with delights that exceed having an extra day off <3

I don’t know about you, but I personally loved having Christmas Day and New Year’s Day fall on a Sunday and just think it would be sweet if that happened every year.

Or maybe just if we could have Church on those days every year…though God bless the staff that would have to pull that off….I hear them groaning now … sorry…it was just a thought.

On Sunday at our church, communion was attended with one of our worship leaders playing the piano as we meditated on what Christ did for us. Waiting as the Body partook of the Body…one by one…and it was sweet.

Our pastor stepped up with his Bible in hand; but as the pianist rose from the bench to make her exit, he had other plans.

He laughingly apologized for the loop he was about to throw into her morning as he explained that the hymn she was playing …

was one that holds a rich history for a nation in times of crisis.

As he instructed us to get our hymnals and…have mercy…there may have been dust on them…but my heart was all atwitter opening a hymnal again…he asked Lacy to grab a microphone.

He shared with us that in England this hymn was sung by the people during times of devastation as wars threatened to rip away every precious thing.

And he assured us he was not driven by an alarmist view of our nation, but acknowledging both personal and national upheavals we have faced in 2016 he urged us to sing both the first and third stanzas.

Take a moment and zoom in on those words.

Because as Pastor Wayne shared with us, though the lyrics paint a grim picture in the first lines, they flow into the promises that hold us and sustain us and THOSE promises never fail…never falter…even when we feel we might.

But THAT is not the point of my writing today…so sorry dear ones… there is more.

I want to go back to the little lady that was asked to quickly adjust from a quiet place at the back of the platform, gently playing a beautiful piece on the piano to standing in front of all of us…unplanned and unprepared to suddenly sing from a hymnal and lead all of us to sing this together.

Being empathetic by nature, I was heaving inside with a bundle of emotions for her.

Because if someone thrust a microphone in front of me and handed me a sheet that contained only words and notes and said he would play and I would sing, I would basically die on the spot.

You would do as well to hand me a scalpel and set me in front of an operating table and tell me to perform an appendectomy.

I was sick for her and then…as she smiled and immediately hit every note and led us in this beautiful hymn of worship…I breathed a sigh of relief because … I am not Lacy.

I do not have her giftings and talents.

I have not been wired with what it takes to spend years in music classes and all of those notes are a foreign language to me because I am not called to lead worship.

She was doing exactly what God has equipped her to do.

God has given me other things.

Things that come so easily to me that I think they are nothing and that everyone can do what I do.

But they can’t.

And God has given each of you wonderful ways to serve Him and to build others up.

The way YOU do things…

is unique and designed to edify the Body and reach the lost and bring glory to His Name.

So let’s go forth into 2017…thankful for the ways others are gifted and yielded to the Lord that we might be effective in the plans and purposes He has for each of us with the way we have been wired.

I look forward to the journey with you this coming year <3

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  1. Hi Laura, just a couple thoughts: for the African part of the Body of Christ, the worship service is the focal point of Christmas Day. And I like you, love it!! Also, thank you for working the way you are wired for the sake of The Kingdom, through your blog! I love your heart, and the thoughts you share!! ❤

    1. Judy you have no idea how much it means to me that you read this and that it means something to you. You and Gary opened my spiritual eyes and heart so many years ago on your visits back to FCC. One of the greatest “bucket list” blessings of my life was when I was able to attend a worship service in Kenya and then to get to do it again…God’s abundant kindness to me. To meet the people that I prayed for – to see the places where you and Gary lived and worked to begin the Church there. Humbling beyond words. And then to realize THEY pray for US…only God <3 Hugs to you and thanks for your words

      1. Isn’t it wonderful how God touches us through each other!! And YES, they pray for us!! They are our heroes!! And more than once we’ve been healed through those powerful prayers!! Blessings in your gray days! I love seasons – God has put beauty in them all!! ❤

        1. I have been blessed to stand beneath the powerful prayers of all of them praying at once with their hands stretched out toward us. We could learn much from these who take God at His Word <3

          1. Such a wonderful experience to stand beneath those prayers.. I love when they all pray at once! They DO take it seriously and truly take God at his word – and He is faithful – he comes through!! <3

          2. Yes indeed. It is so humbling. We go over there thinking to “help” them and walk away realizing how spiritually poor we are when we have so much materially. Their challenge is to eek out a living from a harsh land. Our challenge is to seek out complete dependance on God in a land of plenty. A strange paradox.

  2. Amen!
    I also am happy to know that you have hired a new staff photographer for your business. Let me know if I can ever supply story ideas or pictures from the Northwest for you to write about.

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