I’m just all thrown off on days…

PC/Rachel Maxwell

Anybody else?

Cause here in the Midwest it is a gray overcast day.

Christmas trees have been kicked to the curb and happy shoppers have been replaced with serious faced women in workout clothes pushing carts full of all kinds of organizational totes and baskets.

It’s that time of year when I feel compelled to say something profound…

yet all I can think of is…I have eaten WAAAAAYYYYY too much sugar and salt.

We can become a restless people…

already bored with winter because we want to move on to something more fun than work and snow and ice and whatever else makes up our daily lives.

But God gave us seasons and a rhythm of living.

Dormant fields and gray skies.

Winter white days when they come and the marvel of how the drab landscape can become encased in crystal whiteness.

To just rest and wait.

To live fully in what today brings.

Not craving after entertainment or busy-ness.

But living fully in the in-between.

These are the days of January and February.

Let’s embrace the Presence of God here and now.

Each and every day.

God bless each one of  you as you head back into the post-holiday normal.

Eat something healthy…bundle up and take a walk…crack open a book…rest under a warm blanket…as you seek God in this season <3

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