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We will not hide these truths from our children; we will tell the next generation about the glorious deeds of the LORD, about His power and His mighty wonders.

Psalm 78:4 NLT

On Wednesday Russ and I did what retired people are able to do and took in a 3:30 movie. It felt crazy and spontaneous to me. Though I never worked a full time job like he did, I also felt like I was “on the clock” from 8-5 even if it was working around the house or running errands or whatever occupied my time. 

But there we sat, with some other folks who have the luxury of a matinee on a weekday as we took the wild ride that is the new Spiderman movie. And FYI….the closest pic I had to a spider was that grasshopper so extend me grace.

I was literally curled up in my seat for two and a half hours, dodging villains and hurtling from sky scraper to sky scraper and since I tend to enter into the story, I was fairly exhausted by the time it was over. 

Our family had been concerned for Russ going into it as I have not seen one single Spiderman movie and no one, and I mean NO ONE, wants to sit by me at any movie.

I ask questions throughout the entire thing. I still laugh thinking of John’s exasperated voice in one movie responding, “I don’t know Mom!!!! I have been watching this the same amount of time as you!”

As the credits rolled at the end, we gathered our coats and made our way out of the theater. The only question I had was about different universes that all seemed to have New York City in them, but I was totally okay if I never knew the answer. 

In the hall way, we saw a young employee with a broom and dust pan. I guess he was waiting to go in and sweep. He was wearing a mask and so we couldn’t see his face, but we thanked him and then as we passed he seem compelled to tell us that there were after-credit scenes that we may want to go back in to see. 

I couldn’t think of anything to say besides thanking him and telling him that I felt very full from what I had already seen to that point. 

He nodded and asked if we were not Marvel fans. I said I had seen a few and enjoyed the movies, but no…I don’t really know all the stories and characters and such. 

Well, he said…we would probably be okay not seeing the trailers at the end but we still might want to look it up on YouTube, because it is about the next one that is coming and we probably don’t want to miss that. 

He made one last attempt to persuade us about the extra scenes we would be missing.

We thanked him and made our way to our car, but I have revisited that conversation a couple of times and it occurred to me. 

This young man is a follower of Marvel.

It means something to him that is important.

Important enough that he wanted to make sure we knew there was more to know and understand than just the movie. He cared enough to speak up and try to get us to go back in and dig deeper. 

And I thought about how it might be if when we left the worship center on Sunday morning we weren’t trying to head to our car to get a parking spot at lunch or look around for some of our friends to hug and catch up on things in the lobby. 

What if we were hanging around with an eye for those who maybe enjoyed the music and the sermon, but don’t realize there is so much more?

What if I were to be such a follower of Jesus that my heart was alerted to someone who was missing such a great opportunity to know Him more that I would take a risk and call out as they pass by?

What if I was such a student of His teachings that information about Him just flowed out of me naturally and if someone said thanks, but no thanks, I didn’t shut down and quit trying but instead just gave them another place to maybe look on their own if they change their mind. 

What if. 

Much to ponder and much to ask God to help me become that kind of person.

Blessings friends

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