Autocorrect don’t fail me now

Today a certain grandson turns 1 and on Monday the other one turns 3. We may be just a little bit excited around here…..but in the meantime….

Anybody else out there equally thankful for and irritated by the auto-correct feature on phones?

I know it is a great thing when it works, but can prove awkward when I don’t catch the substitute word auto correct has selected when my poor typing fails.

Some of them are downright funny………

“I once was BLONDE but now I see” (blind)
“a leap IS faith” (of)
“I LIVE you” (love)
“use the TOILS God is giving me” (tools)
“fictionary” (dictionary)

funny and, on a second glance, scarily prophetic and true. And yes, these are actual texts I sent and then proofread after the fact.

One of the interesting features of autocorrect is when it begins to absorb my made up words and considers them legitimate.

If I start typing t-c-h…. it will offer to finish with tchoffee or tchoming. Both are Graham-ese that forever have replaced the former option of the words coffee and coming.

It seems that if I type something often enough it becomes a “word” to spell check.

Our minds operate a bit like that. The thoughts that we routinely soak in become automatic responses in every day conversation. What we regularly put into our thinking will come out in the way we counsel others, make small talk and conduct ourselves in all manner of communication.

It is good think about our auto correct responses and review what we have been programming into our brains.

Or as I often write, let Gid equip you for the work He has called u to due.
Blessings <3

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