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Because I am not a political animal….

He created all the people of the world from one man,


and scattered the nations across the face of the earth.

He decided beforehand which should rise

and fall,

and when.

He determined their boundaries.

His purpose in all of this is that they should seek after God

and perhaps feel their way toward Him and find Him –

though He is not far from any one of us….

Acts 17:26-27 TLB

I am thankful for this country and for the benefits and blessings that are given to us


I am thankful for the quality of life offered to us as citizens and for those who have given their lives for our protection and to gain freedom for others around the world


My father served in the United States Air Force and bled red, white and blue…


I cry  when I hear the National Anthem and a tattered flag makes my skin crawl.

But like so many…I am overwhelmed today as I think of going to the polls and casting a vote.

The media would lead me to believe that it will be useless…that it’s all pretty much sewn up.

I have become a little jaded as well.

Over the years, I have learned too much about the past presidents as tell-all books have exposed information text books never included.

This year’s astonishing display of debates, tweets and general circus-like atmosphere has not helped.

I have learned that there is more to running this country than campaign promises can solve and that in order to get votes, candidates will use tactics that have nothing to do with the morals and principles they claim to uphold.


I confess that I try to learn what each has claimed to be his or her firm stance, but with an understanding that tomorrow…that might change.

But I will go vote.

I will pray the last prayer asking for God’s leading and I will cast my votes.

I will do it because He says that I am to honor the government under which He has placed me in this time and in this season.

I will ask Him to guide and lead this nation according to His will.

And I will remind myself, as I do repeatedly….that His Kingdom is not of this world


and that my citizenship is ultimately in heaven.

That right now, I am an ambassador of His Kingdom in this world..

which means I live peaceably in the nation He has placed me:

following its laws

rendering to it as I should

praying for its leaders

and sharing Christ with my words and with my life every day.

God bless you today as you go about serving God wherever He has placed you.

Remember that for all that is going on in the voting booths

the real power of this nation will always come from…


the prayer closets of His people  <3


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  1. Thank you for beautiful thoughts transferred to words that touch my heart. Your photos
    are wonderful and so reflective of your words. God Bless You.

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