Because I said so

A soggy day ahead, but we won’t complain, right? Because as a customer reminded me yesterday, April Showers bring May….go ahead….fill it in!

You may know that I struggled with severe plantar fasciitis for over a year and as a result I rarely go barefoot anymore, even in the house.

But there is one place I simply can not wear shoes and that is in the home of our oldest daughter’s family. As soon as I step over the threshold of the entry way, I am commanded by Graham to “Take you shoes off, Lola!”

And I obey. Why? Because I love him. And because I love him, I want to follow the rules of the house that he is a part of.

This morning my reading came from Deuteronomy 3-5. Moses is giving Israel final instructions before entering the Promised Land. He reminds them of how much God loves them – deeply, personally, to the point that He actually spoke to them One on one. Unprecedented. This had never happened before. That God would speak audibly to a group of people.

And He gave them His house rules.

And He expected them to obey them, BECAUSE they LOVED HIM.

Not out of fear. Not out of obligation. But simply out of loving Him and out of that love, a desire to obey.

Now I am not basing my theology on our grandson, nor am I lifting him up as a mini-god in my life. While this little guy is very supportive of the no-shoe rule, he is fully human and will attempt to negotiate just about every other rule throughout the day!

But in the same way that I now step out of my shoes before I step onto their tile, I pray I would step throughout my day in obedience to my Father’s rules, out of love and a desire to obey.

May God bless you today as you submit to Him who loves you so much that He speaks to you, personally – lovingly – wisely <3


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