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Because my friends get me <3

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Our dear friends got to have a little get-away for their anniversary. One day we got this picture in our text thread with a note to me that said it looked like a future blog post. 

Oh yes. 

It speaks to me. 

It also makes me kind of stoop down in the middle of my musings and thank God for friends who get me. 

Because this is Grace. 

Grace is what carries away my junk and my scraps because I am a work in progress.

Grace doesn’t let the unnecessary or old or no longer needed parts of me and who I was hang around and rot and decay and ruin the new. 

Grace leaves its number so I can call it if my junk doesn’t get hauled off. 

Grace labels itself clearly so that all who pass by can know…it was Grace that saved me and Grace that sustains me and Grace that continues to work in me until I am completed and whole. 


Amazing … uncommon…eternal…GRACE…that operates in my not-so-amazing, oh-so-common every day life <3

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  1. Once again, you do get it and so do we! thank you! Grace bails us out, over and over again He sees to that Too! to add a bit of Scots Irish upbringing: How about common sense also? that is what Grace does for us, God expects us to actually use it and , I think most times, we do, unless we get too full of ourselves, than here comes Grace again, to remind us that God actually expects us to use our good minds! whoa! Thankfully, at this stage of the game, we usually are trying hard to stay on track! God bless you and yours, M

    1. Amen!!! Staying on track is a full time work of the Spirit for all of us and so grateful for it!!!

  2. There was a young seminary student interning at my friend’s church for the summer. The Sunday he had been asked to deliver the sermon, he chose the topic grace. He spoke confidently to the congregation using a white board and marker to make his points. When he came to the end of his message, he turned to erase the white board only to discover that he had used a permanent marker. Red-faced he turned to the congregation and said, “In conclusion, you can’t erase grace!” True story. My friend was the pastor’s wife.

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