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Because renewing the mind sometimes takes a while…


I think we have established that I don’t do anything quickly…so no surprise when weeks after a good teaching, I am still mulling over and prayerfully applying a good word.

Such is the case with the sermon I listened to several weeks ago called Uncommon Joy by Dr. Matt Cassidy (details at end of post).

I have listened to it several times…on the last one I typed notes as I listened….four pages…FOUR pages…

From which I have taught one and a half lessons…and learned a zillion myself.

And since this little spot on the net is reserved for me passing on what I glean…grab a cup of coffee…or whatever you non-coffee drinkers grab and let’s chat about God…


The text of the sermon is Philippians 4:4-7 in my words from applying the teaching to the text…

Rejoice in the Lord in all times…and I will repeat myself…REJOICE! Let the gentleness of your spirit and life be made evident to everyone. The Lord’s return is near. Don’t be anxious or worried about anything at all, but in every situation and circumstance…pray and submit your thoughts, concerns and requests to God, and all of these wrapped up in a confident attitude of gratitude for who He is (your good father) and who you are (His BELOVED child) with trust that He will do what is right and good and true…and then the peace of God, which is really beyond our understanding or ability to explain to ourselves or anyone else, will set up a protective guard, through Jesus Christ, around your heart and mind.    

Perfect peace.


Freedom from worry.

Doesn’t it sound wonderful?


And I ask for it.

All the time.

In the teaching, Matt points out that the opposite of Joy is not sorrow.

It is hopelessness.

And I can shake my head a vigorous YES on that one.

Because I have known Joy even in sorrow.

But there is not joy in hopelessness.

And then the sting of the teaching hits the place in me that needs correction.

I want to claim the promise without recognizing it is conditional.

That Peace of God that will guard my heart and mind flows from ….

my compliance with the commandment…





But I AM anxious

So…He gives me the steps.

Come to Him with my worries and fears, my what-if’s, my very real evidence that things are quite a mess…including me…

and present them.

Don’t ignore them

or positive think them away

Don’t take them to a friend

or engage in all the worst case scenarios and then plot how I will deal with it…


Come to Him and present it all there before Him.

Make whatever requests I can think of…thanking Him that He won’t give me something silly just because I asked for it…nor will He withhold anything good…

and then thank Him.


Thank Him

for who He is…

for who I am to Him…

and go out to do the things I CAN do…

trusting Him to do what ONLY He can do.

Is it easy?


That’s why they call it a discipline.

But I know that if I am feeling hopeless before the God of HOPE…

then the disconnect is on my end…

and I am willing to do the work…not so I can EARN Grace….but so that I can walk in it <3


**here is the link to the sermon     Uncommon Joy from April 10, 2016


I actually downloaded their podcasts on my phone…don’t ask me how I figured it out. Grab anyone under the age of 32 and have them help you…=0)


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