Because someone asked

Listening to the radio this week, the host asked what your favorite Christmas song is and why.

And since I have no problem engaging in imaginary conversations, I quickly responded with my answer.

In the car.

Out loud.

By myself.

Just me and the 063 Sirius XM guy who had seemingly lost interest since he didn’t dialogue with me much after initiating the question.

But that’s ok.

I also don’t mind talking to myself.

I know you are sitting there on the edge of your seat wondering what my song is and why…so wait no longer.

This year I would have to say it is the old Chris Rice songĀ Welcome to our World.

It has to be this one because I find myself humming it and singing it as I pack boxes and pondering the lyrics daily and often weeping over the truth of it all.

From the very first opening notes…

“Tears are falling….hearts are breaking. How we need to hear from God.”*

it expresses the condition of my little world…

the world at large…


Yesterday’s news alone left us reeling from the horror as we learned of the violence in Turkey and Berlin.

But a scroll down my FaceBook feed also revealed the private devastations in so many families as one family rode the roller coaster of a child’s health crisis, others expressed the grief that attends the loss of a loved one and multiple messages asked for prayer for various situations.

Behind the smiles of many are great sorrows as we struggle with broken promises and the consequences of decisions made by others that leave us gasping for air at times.

And in the midst of the personal and national and international pain…

into the big pictures and little pictures…

into it all…

He came.

Tears ARE falling…

Hearts ARE breaking…


PC/Rachel Maxwell <3

we need to hear from God <3

*With all credit to Chris Rice…and all copy write apologies because I am not making a dime off of this and I would hope and pray he wouldn’t mind us being encouraged by his God-inspired lyrics….I hope to finish my pondering of that song with you in the days leading up to Christmas <3

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  1. I love that song, any many others of Chris Rice. The one that I can’t leave the car from if it is playing is How Many Kings by Down Here. “How many kings, stepped down from their thrones, how many Lords have abandoned their homes, how many greats have become the least for me.. . . . . . How many fathers gave up their sons for me.” Just had to share. Tears at these words also. Just think.

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