Because these are words I use, right?

IMG_1703In honor of Wednesday (and the fact that I spent most of the entire day until the sun was setting on the 2015 flower planting project…which may be a post once I recover from the trauma)…I am sharing some of my favorite autocorrects to date…

What I meant to say….                                        What autocorrect turned it into…..

I’m so proud of you                                             I’m so oil round

I’ll check calendar                                               I’ll check ale far

I forgot                                                                      Unoriginal ….. not even close, people

Ditto                                                                           diuretic

Christmas decorations                                     choriosters  (is this even a word?)

Street                                                                        Wyeth (as in Main Wyeth?)

I greatly appreciate it                                         I Gretzky….because I type that name…so often

believers                                                                 bruit fed…..what?????

New Life Pregnancy Center                            new iPad nancy … who???

and one that kind of actually made sense…….

Emmett                                                                   Energy

I hope this makes you smile and brightens the mid-week a bit for you.

Laughter is good and makes us balky (which apparently means “happy” in autocorrect-world.


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