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Because He says so


Working with the public is always interesting. Just quirky little things that we all do, but when you are on the other side of the counter…the one with the cash register…it’s kind of funny…

Like it is not uncommon for a shopper to apologize for making a purchase. It would seem they don’t want to inconvenience us by buying products that we are …uhm….selling…

Or they will express concern if they buy more than one of something, as if they are taking advantage of us in our vulnerable position of being retailers of said merchandise.

Sometimes, as they are apologizing profusely for “over-buying”; I will say that we try to discourage this kind of behavior or that we sort of frown upon people spending money here…and that makes them laugh, which is my goal; because, of course, that is the purpose of a store.

People know this, but because they are polite and considerate, they forget momentarily that they are not taking wrongfully or greedily.

I have noticed we also assume a similar attitude sometimes as we approach God in prayer.

People have said to me things like:

* I don’t want to bother God with this little thing when there are so many greater needs in the world*

*I feel bad that I am always asking for prayer*

*I feel so helpless (for so and so), I guess all I can do is pray*

*God has just blessed us so much, I don’t want to ask for any more*

Believe me, I have said and thought all of them…so no condemnation here!

But while these kinds of statements may appear humble and self-effacing…they are actually evidence of unbelief in what God says about Himself, about His Love and about who we are IN HIM.

God has invited us to come to Him as His CHILDREN. He has given us promise after promise that He will HEAR our cries and He will ANSWER …. not according to OUR plan, but His…if we will only come to Him in EVERYTHING.

And then He backs it up with reminders like….

He never grows weary
He never sleeps
He owns it ALL so giving to you will not take away from someone else
He is looking for people who will SEEK Him
He works powerfully through the prayers of His people
He has given us full access to Himself through His Son

On and on and on….

So go ahead and ask for things like:
Wisdom in daily life
Guidance for direction and decisions
Healing for body, mind, emotions and spirit
Provision for your own needs and to be able to give generously to others
Protection for yourself, those you love, your home, property, reputation, hearts and minds
Understanding of His instruction and situations you deal with
Knowledge of God and His Word, applied to your responsibilities at work, home, church, and in the world
Skills that are needed to do your work and to bring hope and beauty to those you minister to

Ask for salvation for the lost and ask for more, more, more and even more of His Spirit at work in you and in others!

Ask for anything His heart leads you to ask for…

There is plenty enough for all of us who ask; in fact….abundantly more than you and I could even think to ask or imagine <3

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  1. I am looking over the blogs of yours that I have saved. I am wishing you would compile them into a book. What do you think????

    1. Well…it has been suggested by a few people. I am trying to get myself disciplined to begin choosing the better ones and develop some that never made it the site…but I have no idea how to go about putting a book together or making it available…so prayers appreciate! Of course, I also have no idea how to manage a blog and yet….He doesn’t call the equipped…right??? bless you dear!

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