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Exodus Part 2…Just like asking for a snack <3


I am reading through Exodus this week and I mean deep in Exodus. The past few days have been the details of the sacrifices and the Ten Commandments and then the plans and directions and patterns for the Tabernacle. 

It is incredible to me to read the intricate instructions and to think about the craftsmanship required for the metal work, hardware, curtains, coverings and garments for the priests. There are recipes for incense and directions for embroidery along with specific gem stones to be cut, engraved and placed in filigree settings of gold. Quite honestly, it makes my head spin. 

I am such a blend of learning styles I want to grab a ruler and pencil and chart out the dimensions and I have googled the colors and various items that would make up the patterns in fabric and such. 

It is stretching me to visualize this nation of people, fresh from escaping slavery and in the middle of nowhere, making all of these items that would take one of us years and years to learn the art. 

How on earth? 

They made bricks and tended animals and were oppressed for a long time. And here they were weaving pomegranates and almond blossoms into curtains and hems. 

The secret of their ability is given in Exodus 28:3 and 31: 1-11. God filled certain people with the wisdom and skills to be able to do this magnificent and highly technical work. He filled them with His Spirit to do these things. 

It makes me think about how much we need God’s Spirit in us to fill us so we are equipped to do the things He has purposed us to do with excellence. 

In Matthew 7:9-12 God compares asking Him for His Spirit to fill us to a child asking for food. 

We know how this works. 

Around 3:00 on days I watch our four grandchildren, I can guarantee you all four of them are going to ask for a snack.

Their lunch was digested long ago and they are hungry. Dinner is a long way off in their minds and so they do what kids have done since there were kids under adults feet. They lobby for something to fill their tummies before they head off to play. 

When I am watching them I am careful to give them something with a little protein and not much carbs or sugar so they have energy to get them through til dinner without ruining their appetites. And I certainly wouldn’t give them something harmful. 

And that is how God tells us to ask for His Spirit. The kids ask for a snack because they have a need and they know I can fill it AND they know I won’t give them a rock or a snake…or something that is bad for them. 

In the same way, God hopes we realize our lack and emptiness and call out to Him for what we need. 

He instructs us to acknowledge our need and to recognize He is the only one who has the resources to meet and exceed our expectations. 

We are to simply ask God for His Spirit because we need it and want it…we are lacking something that is necessary for us to live and do what needs to be done…and we can trust He will give it to us and it will be good for us and will not harm us. 

Why do we overcomplicate it?

Imagine what we could be doing with excellence if we would just ask God to fill us with His Spirit and make us fit to do the things He has put on our hearts to do. 

Try it. 

Ask earnestly for the filling of His Spirit into you. 

I can’t wait to see what happens <3

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