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Blessed assurance <3


Good morning!

This week I spent some time on the blog sharing various examples of my struggles with worry and anxiety that were prompted by a sermon series our church is currently doing called “Be Anxious for Nothing”.

One of the things our pastors have stressed is that we WILL have things that cause us to be concerned.

There is a lot of anxiety-prompting stuff that happens in the best of lives and Jesus even warned us that we would have troubles as a normal part of our daily lives. 

The point of the series is that God has told us not to be anxious but instead to turn our worries and angst over to Him through prayer and thanksgiving. 

And all of that probably sounds easier said than done, and I understand completely as you may have noticed through my stories. 

Which is why I want to end the week with a closing thought regarding why we can do this. 

At the end of the sermon last Sunday, we had communion and then the worship team led us in what is probably one of my many favorite hymns. 

Christ Alone, Cornerstone…weak made strong in the Savior’s love. 

And every time we sing that song and come to the part about how in every high and stormy gale, my anchor holds within the veil; my spirit eyes see one of those photographs of a lighthouse engulfed in a high cresting tidal wave of water. 

Have you seen them?

Do yourself a favor and google “lighthouse photos”…breathtaking visual.

I picture myself as that lighthouse firmly situated on a powerfully strong rock and I get what God is telling me.

He is my strong foundation no matter what comes against me. 

On Monday morning I was reading through my prayers and devotions for the day and came across a passage of Scripture that reminded me of another thing. 

The fullness of God, the riches of eternity…all I could ever need, hope or want is found in Jesus Christ. 

Sometimes I leave Him either as a baby in the manger or an itinerant preacher in simple clothes and no place to lay His head as He led fisherman and tax collectors around a small area of this world and then died a criminal’s death and was raised and made these same guys some breakfast on a beach…and I forget…

He ascended.

He reclaimed all that is rightfully His and He intercedes for us and He is for us and not against us…and all of that is why I can be anxious for nothing. 

My turning worries into prayers isn’t some kind of placebo that fools me into a state of peace.

My thanksgiving as I release my concerns and worries and fears and troubles to Him are not some mind game of positive thinking. 

My prayers avail much. 

My prayers are activating the Power of God through the Holy Spirit and things change. 

I change. 

This is the power of Christ in me <3

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    1. It is a mutual gift of love and prayer that flows through our families. God puts in His own family and aren’t we blessed!!!

  1. I have enjoyed this week of teaching from you, Laura. Laughed, pondered, and was convicted. You have blessed my heart and made me think (I had to laugh at the deer story-sorry). Thank you for your faithfulness in doing what God has led you to do!

    1. This means more to me than you could possibly know. Thank you so much <3 And I laugh so hard every time I think of that deer looking in at us. It could have been so much worse and I will forever keep my eyes scanning the sides of the highway when I drive at night - but oh my gosh...too funny <3

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