Monday and I may have returned to the land of the living <3


Just checking in with you all and this will be late and brief. 

Whatever bug has been flying around and nabbing the band of brothers and sweet Caroline decided I needed a turn and the last 48 hours were a bit rough. 

Russ and I are doing some traveling for his work and while we are enjoying sun and green plants and 80 degree temperatures, I have been sporting a jacket and consuming mass quantities of hot tea to try and get warm. 

But in the wee hours of the morning …. around 3:33…

of course…

you know me and that time on the clock, I decided if Peter could sing in a prison I could muster up some praise songs in my head and lo an behold.

I got through “In Christ Alone”, “Amazing Grace” and part of “The Church’s One Foundation”…

I know…

who opts for that one to try and sing in your head when you feel like you may be dying and you don’t want to wake your husband…

I must have drifted off around the second verse of the last song and the next thing I knew my alarm was going off and when I reached for it, nothing hurt and my skin felt normal again and I wasn’t freezing and burning up at the same time.

So Hallelujah! 

I believe I am on the mend….although I still had tea first thing instead of coffee…so you know things aren’t quite perfectly aligned yet…but we are getting there…

God bless and I will check in with you tomorrow <3

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    1. On most normal days of life, coffee is the best medicine for all things…but when sick..it is tea <3

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