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Can’t explain it, but there it is…

I love pictures. I think we all know this about me. I am a student of word pictures, but I also love to capture beauty in some unique way and share it with you…thus on Saturday, I was thinking of you when I took this…


Since I had to look directly up into the sun, though, I just pointed my phone up and took a couple of pics and hoped at least one would turn out.

Imagine my delight when I downloaded them and found THIS….


Because…what in the world???

Now I suppose there is someone out there with all kinds of technological knowledge and atmospheric info to explain this but to me…it’s just a wonder and I love it.

I can’t explain what it is and if it’s just some kind of reflection from the lens of the iPhone 6, come on…it’s way cool and beyond me and I couldn’t make it or create it any more than I can understand or explain because I don’t even KNOW how the phone takes pictures and stores them anyway.

And yet…I believe that phone exists and does what it does whether I understand, can explain it or convince you about it.

How much more God?


How can I explain God to you or anyone?

So I have to say that Week 2 of Room for Doubt threw this blonde brain for a loop.

Because the very fact that you do believe there is a God is paramount in my life.

Not so I can prove that I am right and you are wrong.

But because …. the fact that He IS….





So I felt overwhelmed with all the Science and such (can we talk about how I made it through years of Science education, passing the classes and never understanding any of it?)

If you are following Room for Doubt, maybe you felt like me?

That doesn’t give us carte blanche to walk away from the challenge. As believers who carry out the ministry of Jesus Christ, we can’t shy away from the complexities of our faith and honest dialogue about the things of God. ( I will need to read THAT one several times over the next few weeks….)

It is important to remember that this is a SERIES…as in…a group of lessons to go through together.

So it was with great joy that I actually could follow and understand and nod my head to this week’s sermon about the Bible.

I found the words of Pastor Wayne to be a great encouragement that backs up my personal experience with God’s Word.

I loved that he showed us that the Scriptures are the God-breathed, infallible revelation of who God is, His thoughts and ways for us, and the teachings of the One, Jesus Christ, who we claim to follow.

But I love even more his challenge to us to GET INTO READING THE WORD of GOD!IMG_0501

Here are some things that helped me grow in the discipline of daily Bible reading:

  • Set your mind to read at least some portion of Scripture each day. It is not quantity of time and material read, but quality. Even a small portion of Scripture that is read slowly and with intention to hear God speak is powerful to teach you His ways.
  • Use a study bible, with notes already added. Use the notes to further your understanding.
  • Pray and ask for the Holy Spirit to give you understanding and open your eyes to God’s Word.
  • Remember that God’s Word is in context – but also personal.
  • Enter into His Word and let His Word enter into you

God bless you as you read and study the Word, but more than that as you get to know…THE WORD <3



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