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Happy Friday <3

IMG_3347So I don’t know if Thursday was really “National Daughter’s Day” but I bit and posted a pic of the two lovelies we were blessed with.

Now I am going to have to be on the lookout for “National Son’s Day” but in the meantime…and because it’s Friday…and because I am tired…and because I may have a case of “Fall Fever” which really IS a thing….

here are two of the many wise things I learned from those daughters of ours….

From Rachel…..When I told her one day about the variety of quizzes I was taking to find out what kind of personality I am, she said…”You know this is why you don’t get anything done, right?”

Soooooo true!

It is always much easier for me to chase a rabbit then to knuckle down and work on the tasks that surround me.

From Sarah….When we were shopping one day and she admired some pretty, shiny thing and I asked her if she wanted it. “No, I don’t have to have every pretty thing I see. I can just appreciate it without owning it.”

Again….true, true, true…

This is good to remember as we move from Summer to Autumn and begin the crazy spiral into the holiday season that will carry us like a tidal wave to 2016.

(Take a moment. Breathe into a paper bag if necessary because yes…2 0 1 6)

All kinds of pumpkins and leaves are displayed in stores, Pinterest, Facebook and our friends houses. There are clever ways to make wreaths and centerpieces and all manner of cuteness out there….

Oh dear Lord, please help me to just appreciate the pretties without having to own them, display them or worse yet…compare them to what I have. And thank You Lord for the blessing of daughters who rein their mother in. Or as I like to say, thank You for giving our daughters large doses of their father’s genes! 

God bless you all as you just stay on task and enjoy what YOU have been given this lovely weekend, and season, that is upon us!

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    1. Thank you so much Teresa…on a Monday morning that is starting slow…these are sweet words to read! God bless you!!!

  1. I’m laughing out loud as I sit on the computer with 3 bins of fall decorations just sitting in my living room and Laura and Mike are coming for the weekend tonight. #youarenttheonlyone

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