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Football palooza is in the books <3

So we took a road trip to Wisconsin this weekend and instead of Friday Night Lights at one of the local high schools…we packed an array of fanwear into the trunk and headed out after work to embrace our inner Cheesehead.

We stopped for dinner…

and learned that even Subway are Packer backers.

We met up with our friends who had planned and then hosted this amazing weekend of fun…and after enjoying the most delicious Wisconsin sausage…and of course…cheese…

we headed to bed so we could hit the ground running bright and early for…

the Badger game.

We toured around Madison a bit…

before heading the stadium.

If you have never been to a game at the University of Wisconsin, I highly recommend it .

Of course, I acted like I knew all about Camp Randall…but hesitated slightly to pass under that eagle because without my glasses…I thought the words under his feet said “Old Age”…and I was not inclined to want to go through to the other side…but on closer inspection…i believe it says Old Abe.

And really…I was caught up in a sea of red and white bodies by that time so I had no choice…

It really was quite an experience to be a part of a stripe out…

even if some people didn’t get the memo…

nice guy though…even if he is misdirected in his loyalties.

The whole atmosphere of the game was incredibly fun…

and don’t let those empty seats fool you. That’s the student section and they tend to be a late arriving crowd on morning game days.

All the classwork and studies from the week must have led them to sleep in a little.

Or something like that.

We did have a brief shower…

that did nothing to dampen our enthusiasm. Though it did prove detrimental to my hair but all in all…

Wisconsin beat Michigan…we had a blast and it was a great day that ended with the next leg of travel to “the Mother Ship”…

We arrived before sunset and enjoyed walking around the area surrounding the stadium, though I forgot to change in my Packer wear…

but at least I had the right state.

While we only had a brief spell of drizzle on Saturday, Sunday proved to be a bit soggy…

so we took cover under one of the Green Bay landmarks and plotted the course of our day.

First stop was a picture of us in front of Lambeau before the humidity completely killed our hair…

Then I had my first official Cheese head sighting…

and found the famous “Ultimate Packer Fan” who was named in the top 25 fans recognized by ESPN in 2013 …

I know this because I have his business card now.

And of course we had to do our version of the Lambeau Leap…

Which I am thankful I could not see Russ’s face as we were taking the picture or I would have collapsed in a fit of laughter to the point of tears.

Thankfully I saved that for the walk to the other side of the stadium where…

the next stop was to get one of those cool rain jackets because when in Green Bay…

As our friend Marcee said, when the rains would start up pretty heavy inside the stadium the fans never got up to leave…they just shifted positions, set their beverages down and commenced to putting on ponchos…

Go Pack Go…

It was a great game and the fans and the players did not disappoint…

We beat the…

had another Best. Day. Ever.

and as we bid a fond farewell to Wisconsin, God painted this over the landscape…

and we know the pot of gold at the end of this rainbow is found when friends make weekend memories that keep you laughing all the way into the Mondays of life <3

Speaking of sky-writing <3

Yesterday was spent up north tending the fab four and their new puppy. 

After school, we were scheduled to go to a local pumpkin patch/play area and so we navigated the car pool lane and survived and made our way out into the country. 

As we were driving, the clouds in the sky were so incredibly beautiful I was marveling at God’s handiwork and thought I would attempt to draw my passengers into my love of our creative Creator. 

I started to make a comment that sounded almost like a Sunday School cliche and so rather than go with my first observation, I simply told them to be sure and look past the video screen production of Veggie Tales and observe how the clouds appeared to be almost like a water color painting across the blue sky.

Behind me came the voice of that firstborn boy who has been penetrating my eyes, thoughts and heart for over eight years now.

In the softest voice he said, “Lola, can you believe God painted that with His own hand?”

My thoughts exactly.

Coming out of the mouth of the offspring of our offspring. 

I could only manage to whisper…yes Graham. Yes I can believe He did that. 

And then I just let my heart bow in worship to the One who paints such beautiful pictures in the sky and over mankind.

Best. Day. Ever. 


Randoms for a Tuesday <3

It seems to be a good day for some randoms…so here we go in no particular order:


You may know I have a thing about Jeremiah 33:3 and how 3:33 is a time or $3.33 for a price happens that pops up frequently in my life to remind me of the verse God kind of laid on my heart to be a life verse.

Friends and family frequently text me when it pops up in their experience and recently our sister-in-law Sonja sent me a little card she received somewhere…

it is taped to our computer and says…

God will give you good ideas.

Call to Me and I will answer you. I’ll tell you marvelous and wondrous things that you could never figure out on your own. Jeremiah 33:3 The Message

Love it <3


I asked John to do a gratitude challenge with me for the month of August. 

I set my alarm for 7:51 each day (please do not ask me why I selected that time. I can only surmise that was when I decided I would need an alarm set) and then I sit and think about something I am genuinely thankful for that I have failed to express to God. 

It’s been good for me and proven true that if we practice gratitude it actually does enhance our attitude to be more positive and also flourishes into more gratitude. 

Which is quite possibly why we are told in Scripture to be anxious for nothing, but in everything, with prayer AND THANKSGIVING make our requests known…


I wasn’t too excited about this Back-to-School thing happening so early in August and I still think we short-change summer these days…but I must admit…my love for all things Fall is getting stirred up.


Our family, thanks to John, did our Fantasy Football league the other night. 

While I have absolutely no idea who the players are and had to ask Russ what a WR is (and he told me, but for the life of me, I can’t remember what he said), we had much laughter as John hosted a wide range of family members on a conference call that spanned seven homes located in Illinois, Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska and Texas. 

We don’t always have the most traditional family reunions, but we sure do enjoy what we can get.


In line with the gratitude thing, I surely am thankful for the variety of skills and trades of people who can do the things we don’t know how to do. 

And I am also mightily grateful for the ones God has given us to use to help others. 

What’s your skill set like? 

Take some time to write it down and then ask God to show you where He is calling you to serve <3

Since last we met <3

The parents of this collection of cuties celebrated their 13th wedding anniversary yesterday so we had an overnight on Sunday to give them a little time to eat dinner that didn’t involve fifteen trips to the bathroom and at least one meltdown over having to share a fry with someone.

And as darling as they are right here…I do have to once again give kudos to young parents in the trenches because this…

was what their first response to “Sit down together so I can take a picture of you and send to mommy and daddy” looked like.

So here are the reality pics of the event…just the highlights…

After we made the trek to the park playground, we had to stop by the water tower so everyone could do whatever it is boys feel the need to do with a large white painted tower and yes…the paint does rub off on your hands…thank you Wet Wipes for once again saving us.

We had another one of our fancy patio party dinners.

Imitation Orange Dye is a food group, right?

If so, we are good on our RDA.

Monday morning we hit up Dunkin Donuts, which all three boys proclaimed to be the best Dunkin Donuts Shop in the whole world. So … we have that going for us now.

This is how they entertained themselves when I said surely they could stand still along the wall of the post office while I worked with the guy behind the counter to get a package mailed.

They were so entertaining for the people waiting behind us that the post master handed out suckers to them and to the people in line.

We went to the zoo and scared the living daylights out of the animals with our enthusiasm.

I may have to have knee surgery after crouching down for this picture and everyone thought I said, “Dog pile on Lola!!!”

We grabbed some lunch at the McDonalds over by our old house and I started crying because it was like fifteen minutes ago I sat at this table with their mom, Tia and Uncle John saying basically the same things I said yesterday…but still…best days ever are best days ever even when you need a jumbo diet Coke just to stay awake <3

And finally this classic shot because E. M. M. E. T. T. has met his match.

This one finagled a toy away from him and then followed him around doing this for quite some time.

What you can’t see or hear is her making the cheesiest smile and saying….Emmmmeeeettttttttt… she held the toy tight to her chest.

Oh the irony.

Have a great Tuesday and check back tomorrow <3

A slice of my life lately <3
pc/Rachel <3

Yes, I know.

We could just stop right here and be good for the day.

It’s been a busy weekend and I am headed out the door asap for a much needed redo of the hair upon my head so here’s some randoms and some pictures that I think are sweet, pretty or both…enjoy or go do your own thing and have a blessed day <3

On Saturday we made a trip to St Louis for a fun day of family and going to the Cardinal game. As I snapped this photo out the window on the way to the stadium, our middle daughter may have made a snarky comment about it’s good I finally have a picture of the Arch…ok…it gets me every time and yes…always the tourist wherever I go.

We had a great time at the game…

and got home to catch a few winks and then did Sunday.

Monday morning, we were up bright and early so I could meet up with this one…

and head to Chicago on Amtrak to shop for clothes for her amazing store.

We had a great time and much success and I am thinking of doing a short series on what I have learned in my first full year of doing this little clothing concession in her store (would you be interested????)

But to finish out…I think the walk from Union Station to the Mart is one of the prettiest so please enjoy…

These flower boxes line the way and they are incredible <3

The commuters were particularly tickled with me stopping to snap pictures…insert smile…

and finally…

Gets me every time.

Have a great day!

Come back tomorrow for some thoughts on No Other Gods.

Group hug.

Now get out there and make the most of Tuesday <3