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I hear the kiddos are already having practice for their summer little league teams around town. I forget how early those start.

Somehow I have managed to blank from my memory that opening day fell on dance recital/Mother’s Day weekend every year when our own were playing ball. Traumatic experiences are like that. Kind of a protective feature of the brain, I suppose.

In my day, (cue the music), we didn’t have little league teams. We played ball the old-fashioned way…in someone’s backyard. Someone who didn’t care about their landscaping.

There was no roster. The oldest/best players threw a bat up and one caught it in the air. Then hand over fist they worked their way to the top and whoever capped the end…got to choose first. One by one they would select the teams until they got down to two players.

Me and whatever other kid was left standing there. At that point, “I guess I’ll take her” is like waaaay better than…you know…dead last.

I don’t blame them.

Likable? yes

Athletic? no way

Couldn’t bat, couldn’t catch, couldn’t field and couldn’t pitch.

In fact, if I wasn’t ducking from the ball, I was probably taking one to the forehead….

So when I read these words in John 15:16 ….”You didn’t choose Me, I chose you…” Well…my ears perk up.

Because in sports and in life, I am probably not ever going be the first, second, third or even very last draft pick….I’m basically bench warmer material at best.

Sometimes I get it backward. I admit.

I approach my faith like I picked His team and now, look at me, I’m an all-star.

But no.

HE chose me. And you.

Not because of who we are or what we can do. Not because of what we bring to the mix.

Nope. If we are on God’s team, it’s because HE chose us. Not for who we are but in spite of who we are.

And what did He choose His people for?

To bear fruit that will last.

Not stats for the record book. Not wins on a scoreboard.

The stuff of our days, the works of our hands – on His team – these things will last.


Even after our numbers are retired.

So…what are we waiting for, let’s get in the game!!!

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  1. on gods team,i’m pretty sure that your a very high draft pick! i think i was that”other kid”a time or two! lol

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