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What are you a slave to?

One by one, we have replaced appliances in this home of almost 19 years.

The most recent addition was the stove/oven.

Times have changed and I saw nary a coiled heating unit on the show room floor.

Which was ok…because I have had a secret longing for one of those new-fangled flat top cooking surfaces.

I was pretty sure life just got 100% easier the day they delivered this beauty.

And then….I started cooking on it…


It seems I am kinda messy….


So I started being freakishly obsessive about my cooking habits…

like NOT cooking at all…

as well as throwing my body between anyone attempting to cook and the stove upon which said cooking must take place.

But people need food.

And it does need to be cooked sometimes…

and there will be people who either live here (and actually PAID for the stove to begin with…) or people visiting who are so very dear to me…and they will attempt to cook on this VERY DIFFICULT TO CLEAN wonderful modern stove.

And me having a melt down every time something dripped on this beast was starting to interfere with my sanity as well as peaceful relations.

I finally had to ask myself…who am I supposed to serve?

My family and friends?

Or this shiny new stove top that I want to keep in mint condition?

The answer was easy.

Jesus said we can’t serve two masters. We will hate the one and love the other or despise the one and be devoted to the other.

While he was talking about the struggle we have between worshipping money and worshipping Him, I am pretty sure He would lump shiny appliances in with a bad choice as a master over my life…I don’t want to be devoted to a clean stove and despise preparing food for my loved ones.

So,as for me and my house….no more crying over….



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