Christmas Countdown 2013 <3 Day 24

An eclectic Christmas collection - so very "us"
An eclectic Christmas collection – so very “us” right down to the 24th tin that refused to behave!

Look up “eclectic” and you might see a picture of our house. If we love it, like it or received it from someone who loves us, it has a spot. Perfect example….


This picture hangs in our hallway. We picked it out from some great art store like Kohl’s or Hobby Lobby. When we returned from the past few years’ CCF walks in Peoria, I didn’t want to throw the little “I walked the walk!” cards away, so just tucked them in the corner. Our most recent Kenya team brought back this gift from one of our Maasai friends so, well….there it hangs.

The Christmas display has a Kenyan nativity, the German Bible from my dad’s side of the family that traveled over here with immigrant great grandparents and the communion set that was crafted by friends of one of our dear friends. Oh, by the way, the potters are former convicts. Actually, my family tree that brought that Bible over had their issues; as do we.

This morning as I sit marveling that it is Christmas Eve, the tune that keeps running through my head is from the Chris Rice song, “Welcome to our World”. One of the lines that makes me cry every time I sing it is, “…so wrap our injured flesh around You. Breathe our air and walk our sod. Rob our sin and make us holy…”

It’s what He did. It’s what He does. Our flesh is injured; our sin so foul. But He came and took it all. We are so imperfect, so fragile. And He knows this.

Welcome to our world, precious Child. How we need You!

Blessings on  you dear ones. I pray you find yourself at the manger throughout the day, worshiping and celebrating the One who came to save us on the cross!


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