Christmas Countdown 2013 <3 Day 3

Two days straight working in Bloomington…

so on the way home tonight…..


Yes, that is the third caramel and no, I am not complaining. This one was without nuts. I think Day 1 and Day 2 featured different nuts. They are ALL delicious!

We are starting to receive Christmas cards, which means I should probably start searching for ours. I ordered them early but then things happened. I think I hid them somewhere when we were having people over. I will find them. Never fear.

If anyone is out there and actually reading this….if you want to comment on how YOUR countdown is going and you don’t want your comment published — just put DON’T PUBLISH at the beginning. I would love to hear if anyone else is having a very delayed start to Christmas this year.

On a side note, our street is the most undecorated for Christmas that I have ever seen! What is going on???



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