Christmas Countdown 2013 <3 Day 4

and….it’s a caramel….and….I am still good with that.

So today instead of actually opening the boxes of Christmas trim that are sitting around the house and doing something, I am contemplating the age old question….

Real tree? or artificial?

We have done both over the years. I love a real tree. I love the idea of the whole family going out to the tree farm and selecting the tree, cutting the tree and bringing it home. It seems so charming and I long to have stories to share that would bring a tear to your eye.

The reality is, the whole Christmas tree farm visit thing never worked for us. We finally found peace and harmony by purchasing ours at the Boy Scout lot up at Kroger.

For a few years we had an artificial tree, but everyone decided that me pouting through Christmas was not worth it, so we went back to the Boy Scout variety.

This year, Russ traded the Tahoe for a regular car so we are a bit challenged at getting a real tree home which has prompted me to think: perhaps it is time to try the artificial again.

True to my natural inability to make a decision without excessive thought and conversation, I am wandering around the house ineffectively making pro and con lists in my head as to whether we should purchase an artificial tree or find a friend with a truck.

I am tempted to call a variety of people who’s opinions on other life issues I trust, and take a survey. For some reason, I need to feel validated in making the switch.

What do you think? Real or artificial?

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  1. From year one we have made a trip to a local tree farm to purchase a tree. Always on the Saturday after thanksgiving. Some years were more pleasant than others but of course we went so I could have a picture for posterityI tried to copy a picture of this year’s trip. My 22 year old daughter is standing with her arms spread wide; Curved around the imaginary shoulders of her 2 older brothers who now go on a tree hunt of their own with their respective spouse/fiancĂ©. It was another bittersweet moment in this era of life where I am learning to parent my adult children. So next year…. Artificial????

    1. I feel for you. I have asked myself a few times why we had traditions….where did I miss the part that they come to an end? sigh….

  2. Laura, do real! An artificial tree must be stored for the entire year. Plus a real tree is a great bird sanctuary in the cold outdoors until it can be carted off to the recycle/compost site.

    1. I like the way you think! Definitely finding it hard to find an artificial that truly looks real…Guess only God can make a real tree =0)

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