Christmas Countdown 2013 <3 Day 7

There is a whole lot of empty space growing…..


This was how we started Day 7

IMG_8230Leaving Southwest Iowa for the return home after a quick trip to visit Russ’s parents for Mom’s birthday!

Thanks Motel 8 for the thimble size coffee cups….


Yes, both of those are mine. It was all I could carry.

What can I say? I wanted to stay awake so I could see this



and this


and this


and especially, this

IMG_8280I do love the midwest…..

Look for God wherever you are.

Take time, any time you can, to be with those you love

This, too, is how we celebrate the season

<3 Blessings!




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    1. you know us well…..and his was leftover from the day before even….mine gone in seconds….

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