Christmas Countdown 2020 Day 24


Happy Christmas Eve! 

I know all of us Christmas is very different this year. 

Last night we drove to see some Christmas lights we had heard about and the road home took us past 4 or 5 hotels. The parking lots were all but empty. A few cars at most tell the story of many who are staying home and not visiting family and friends this year. 

Even without a lot of the normal hustle and bustle that characterize December, we have had a lot going on it would seem and at times I felt as stressed as ever. But we have also enjoyed quieter times at home and taking time to be thoughtful in how we can bless family and friends. 

The tone of our Christmas traditions may be greatly altered, but the heart of Christmas remains unchanged. Whatever our feelings are, we know that we celebrate the birth of Christ during this few days set aside for that purpose. 


We have prayed many a prayer for the hurting and yet what a treat for this to be the year the Christmas Star twinkled on a cold night across the skies as around the country people posted pictures and marveled we got to see it. 

God is good. 

This is something I know for sure. 

We can declare that even if our current circumstances are not so great.

And Paul ends 2 Thessalonians asking for his friends to pray for him and his fellow ministers to continue to speak the Gospel boldly. As we have read the Christmas newsletters from various ministries around the country and world, over and over they report that this has been a great year for the growth of the Kingdom. 

Let’s pray for all of us to continue to share the Gospel boldly and with power. 

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