Christmas Countdown 2020 Day 25


Good Christmas Morning to you! 

As I went to sleep last night I thought back over the years of Christmas Eves on my journey here on planet Earth. 

From a child who was too excited to go to sleep, to a young adult trying to figure out how to celebrate the two aspects of Christmas and make sense of our traditions and the way they blend with marking the birth of our Savior.

On to the being an excited mom who slept little between the preparations for the morning’s meal and the pulling out of stockings and special Santa gifts. 

The quiet of the morning as I would light the Advent candles and end whatever devotions had been the focus of preparing my heart and getting the biscuits cut and shaken in the sugar and cinnamon for Monkey Bread. Hoping to have it all timed before the little ones began to stir. 

And now to a grandma who has passed the baton to the next generation and figures out how make what time we have together just enough but not too much.

Such a hodgepodge of the sacred and the ordinary. 

This is Christmas. 

God stepping down into what we are and walking among us. 

Showing us the way, leading my heart to deeper levels of understanding His kindness and mercy to us whose skin He took on for eternity.

So welcome, Christ Child, once again. 

Born into our hearts and into our world. 

Come to save us from our sins. 

We celebrate Your birth and our new life.


Merry Christmas to you my friends <3

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