Christmas Countdown 2020 Day 5


Look at us…meeting every day instead of just Monday through Friday. I love this about the Christmas Countdown and hope it is an encouraging part of your Advent this year of 2020.

Maybe you are new to the Journey, so rest assured, the weekend posts are light. 

My thought to share with you today springboards off of the daily posts we had on the introduction and first chapter of 1 Thessalonians this past week. As I mentioned, one of the Bible resources I am using is the Max Lucado Inspirational Study Bible. 

Isn’t it funny how, when we are familiar with an author’s speaking voice, we read their written words like they were reading aloud to our hearts?

When I read Max’s thoughts, I can hear his gentle Texas drawl and it enhances the ink on the page and brings those black and white letters to life in me. I wonder if those who listened to Paul’s letter being read aloud could just hear and see him as they closed their eyes and took in the words. 

Max adds these thoughts to the quote I shared on Day 3 from St.Cyprian describing the Christians of his day:

Quiet. Not obnoxious. Not boastful. Not demanding. Just quiet. Contagiously quiet. Holy. Set apart. Pure. Decent. Honest. Wholesome. Holy. A quiet and Holy people. Paul urges the same from us. 

Max Lucado, Inspirational Study Bible

I read through that list and then I read it again. I read slowly taking each phrase in with a deep breath that fills my lungs as the description works to shape my spirit and influences my behavior.  

There is not one trait there that the world could not use more of.

And we have the power of the Holy Spirit at work in us to enable us to be:


Not obnoxious

Not boastful

Not demanding

Contagiously quiet


Set apart






A quiet and holy people

My goodness. How we would truly stand out if we adopted these characteristics as the people of God.

Lord, help your people in 2020 to become all of this so that our lives would point to all of You <3

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