Christmas Countdown 2020 Day 6


 I love God. I love how His timing works at times. Oh sure, I don’t understand some of the delays and the lack of “suddenlies” in answer to some of my most fervent prayers, but I love how He times things to let me know He is always right on time. 

This morning, my annual read through had me in 1 Thessalonians 1 and 2. This is precisely where we have been all week and just the spot where I was going to send you a message for the 6th day of the Countdown. No way could I have planned to be here as I sat in my chair and worked through my morning quiet time. 

There have been days I read more and days I read less, but God knew today I would be exactly where I needed to be. 

As I was reading the same passages last night and praying about what to write today, I was touched by the way Paul describes the power of the Holy Spirit’s involvement in the way the Thessalonians had received the message of the Gospel. 


To the cynic and the skeptic, the idea of the Holy Spirit working in an area where there are no Christians and suddenly a church is planted may seem like just an emotional hijack of a needy bunch of people. Fueled by periods in Church history where leaders were corrupt, they shake their heads at the vulnerability of people to fall for the brainwashing of a movement they deem as foolish and misleading. 

Ah…but the skeptics and the cynics are wrong. 

So wrong. 


I have been given the precious gift of seeing the Church alive in other nations.

In Mexico, in Kenya twice, in Cuba; I have personally witnessed what happens when the Gospel is received through the power of the Holy Spirit. 

Not clever evangelism, not staged emotional conversions.

Just the honest answering of missionaries who were called, the generous giving of those who sent them and the hearts of others that had been prepared to receive the salvation of Jesus Christ.  


I have experienced worshipping God and knowing the power of the Holy Spirit move amongst us as we struggled to understand one another’s language and customs and yet were closer in heart and spirit than people I have known my whole life because we shared the bond of the Spirit. 

Paul preached and taught for three Sundays in the synagogue. A few Jews, many Greeks and a large number of influential women believed, received and the Church was started amidst a flurry of controversy that included an angry mob, a riot, a violent persecution of the new believers and Paul’s hasty exit to avoid being killed. 

Believe it. 

The Gospel of Jesus Christ will bring huge transformations. When received into the hearts of those who have been prepared, it will cause upheaval to those who are opposed to God. It will so take over the one who believes that persecution does not strike fear nor sow doubt, but puts steel in the bones and incites prayers for boldness to proclaim even more the Good News of Jesus Christ’s death and resurrection for the forgiveness of our sins. 


I personally love that Paul noted a large number of influential women.

I know there are some men who read this, God bless you…you are so much of an encouragement to me that God is speaking to all of us who believe…but ladies….you have great influence. 

Your words and your attitudes and your resources have great power on those around you. It is usually women who are dominating social media these days and our culture is endeavoring to ramp up the number of women in positions of leadership.

Use your influence for the Kingdom.

Let your words be seasoned with grace, truth, salt…all the good stuff we are told is available. Remind  yourselves constantly of another teaching of Paul found among other places in Colossians 3:2 – keep your thoughts on things above and not on things of this earth. 


I pray we will all, men and women, who have received Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior, be KINGDOM minded in all that we do. 

Blessings to you on this Second Sunday of Advent   <3

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