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Commemoration Week 2014 <3 Tuesday

So just because Commemoration Week has included some amazingly happy times as I mentioned yesterday, some years have held within this week a fair amount of heartache.

This is one of those as many of our friends and loved ones are walking through some of the more painful and difficult parts of this journey of life.

When I look at my journal from 2006 – the first year and yes, the day of our first daughter’s wedding, there must have been some stuff that tugged at the heart.

Well….seriously….any veteran M.O.B. knows that weddings come with a fair amount of drama….

I do know my heart was torn because while my dad lived right here in Decatur, his mental state was too fragile to stand the rigors of attending a wedding. So at least there was that bittersweet element to the day….I am sure there were other factors that prompted the following prayer that morning….

Heavenly Father, I pray today, of all days, to lay down my life for You. Today, of all days, the wedding of our first born – to lay down my life for You. I pray today when every emotion could rule every moment, to offer myself to You as a living sacrifice – holy and pleasing to You. 

I pray at the end of the day to hear Your voice say, “Well done, good and faithful servant.”

I pray for forgiveness of all that is wrong within me; for grace to be poured out into me and that it will spill out onto others. I pray in Jesus’ Name. 

It was a beautiful day – full of God’s Grace and Beauty….


that continues….



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  1. Commemoration Week…what a wonderful concept. I find it a bit ironic that you and I have become friends and I now know we have another tie that binds. For this week is also a very meaningful one for me. Thanking God for you, my dear friend!

    And just so you know…you have a BEAUTIFUL family!

    1. Hey Lisa! As do you! and yes, I am so thankful for how God weaves lives together in the most wonderful ways. God bless you and me and all those we love, as we “commemorate” what the Lord has done in our lives this week! Thanks for joining me on the Journey <3

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