Commemoration Week 2016 <3 Thursday

A little over a week ago my sister-in-law, Sonja, challenged me on Facebook to a “love your spouse” challenge.


I have a blanket policy when it comes to challenges, chain letters and “copy and paste” requests…I don’t do them.

But this one…I couldn’t resist.

I think it was the way she worded it and the fact that I kind of like the idea of being able to make a fuss over my husband that I could blame on a challenge.

He’s a bit modest and doesn’t care for attention drawn to him so it looked like a win-win.

IMG_8591 (1)

I don’t have to make stuff up about how much I love him or how great he is, because it is something I think about on a regular basis.

But I wasn’t prepared for how looking through pictures to find some of us to post stirred my heart to remember all the things he does for me and our family, the way he cares for us and always has, his unselfishness…his humor…his steady ways…his integrity…on and on…

I would find myself all teary eyed as I flipped through pictures and my gratitude for the blessing he is to me, our kiddos and grands, our friends and others…just grew as I meditated on what he means to me.

All of this didn’t add anything to who he is. it just made me more aware of it and increased my love and admiration for him.


It reminded me.

God calls us to meditate on Him, too…not because He needs it.

Not because His ego is enhanced by it.

Instead, when I focus on God and think about His attributes…as I look through Scripture and remind myself of HIs character and His love …

I am renewed in my love for Him…

I am reminded of how blessed I am to belong to Him.


And so today…I challenge you to renew your love for the Lord by refreshing yourself as you meditate on…

Why you love Him…

For me….

He is faithful…just…righteous…kind…gracious…loving…forgiving…merciful…true…noble..


Who He is to you….

For me

Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the End….Ancient of Days…Almighty God…Everlasting Father…King of kings, Lord of lords…I AM…Mighty Counselor…Prince of Peace…Redeemer…Savior

All the ways He has helped you…

For me..

He rescued me…transferred me from darkness to light…forgave my sins…restored my hope…resurrected all that was dead…pulled me out of the pit…set me on solid ground…delivered me from depression…answered my prayers and sometimes didn’t…led me through trials…took what was meant for harm and turned it to good

The more I think about these, the more that come to mind…and then I turn to Scripture and find even more to add to the list.

Go on now…you try it.

Add your own….

and don’t stop…


because the more you name them, the more you will be filled with love for Him <3

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  1. I totally know what you mean about looking at pictures and crying tears of thanksgiving for the loved ones God has given me. What a wonderful tribute to the God we love and adore. You have shared my heart in your writing today. Even today, just shortly after my quiet time, I was rejoicing that Jesus would answer my prayer for a divine appointment already this morning. This is just one of the many ways He uses to draw me deeper and deeper in love with Him. It is so amazing to see how God uses us, even with our flaws and shortcomings, as we choose to give ourselves to Him. What joy is ours when we live for Jesus. He wants to give us life and give it abundantly. We have much to be thankful for! Remembering and reminiscing is a wonderful way of acknowledging again the ways God has richly blessed us. Praise His holy name!

    1. Amen Susan <3 That constant contact with Him throughout each day in our every day routines draws us more into His love <3

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