Day 11 Christmas Countdown 2022


Well, I have just a few minutes before we leave for church and I was working on a sweet one for you, but it’s taking longer than I hoped…so here’s a short one.

In the words of all of us to our four grands and them to each other…you get what you get, and you don’t pitch a fit.

This is one of my favorite pictures in the world.

My dad at his best.

We were at the officer’s club for a Christmas party – probably Newfoundland base.

I will forever love the bandaid on his hand, because like me, he was usually sporting one.

The circle skirt I am wearing was white felt and had various felt Christmas pictures crafted by mom. My sister had a matching one and at Valentine’s she took off the Christmas ones and added hearts and such.

As you can see, I adored my dad. Never understood him, tried hard to please him and fell short a lot. But he was a good man and he would have walked through fire for any of us. And he did at various times.

Happy Sunday.

Hug your people.

They are imperfect, as are you, but so precious.

Hugs to you <3

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