Mid-week Randomness…Christmas music style

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I know there are a million other things you could be doing so this will be a short one…and hopefully will make you smile…whether you agree with me or not.

I have listened to a lot of Christmas music over the last 7 years because I have worked retail that many Christmas seasons and well…background music is essential because you have no idea how creepy shopping in silence can be until the sound system isn’t working…

believe  me…in a store…silence is most definitely NOT golden.


While I do love Christmas carols, there are some traditional songs that I seriously could do without…maybe you love them and if you do, tell me why…because … well…why not?


Santa Baby – because I think I may have endured this one at a few too many Jr High Show Choir Holiday events. As in, if it was once…that was too many.

It’s a Marshmallow World in the Winter – see “Santa Baby”.

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas – While the words to this all seem to say the right things, somehow I am left with the impression that whoever wrote it was sad and somewhat bitter and I really don’t need a song that encourages that side of my personality.

I’ll Have a Blue Christmas Without You – Besides the obviously depressing aspect of this song, as a child I was very literal. (What am I saying…I am still very literal) so I would picture…literally…a BLUE Christmas…as if the revolving light on a silver Christmas tree got stuck on the blue panel and the tree, ornaments, room, us…everything would be blue. Which is just weird.

The Little Drummer Boy – because no matter how much I love the artist, really no one can say “Pah-rump-a-pum-pum” over and over and be taken seriously; although Jars of Clay did come as close as is humanly possible to making this song sound cool.

and lastly…because you all have things to do … remember???

Any familiar carol, being offered as a group participation sing-along where the musicians totally change up the timing or the tune and leave me singing all by myself or with a few other innocents while the interlude is being played or painfully trying to sing familiar words to a song I do not know, while the melody I DO know struggles to stay inside my vocal cords but comes out all mixed in with this new one….not pretty or festive. Trust me.

And there you have it …. basically 3 minutes of today that you will never get back!

But…I do hope you are smiling…defending one of these or nodding in agreement or coming up with a couple of your own…laugh…sing a song…


and God bless us …. everyone     <3


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