Don’t you wish….


Wouldn’t it be nice to have a Holy Spirit indicator light available?

In the midst of the holidays it would be especially helpful.

Because in all of the celebrating and traditions and family fun…

woven with memories of Christmas past that may make Christmas present bittersweet,

As we attempt to squeeze in all the good things we want to do…

and should do…

and the concerts and gatherings and giftings and cooking and decorating…

while we keep saying how important it is to keep the true meaning of Christmas in top priority…

we can get a little lost.

2014 and 2015 324

All the traditions that fill our hearts are wonderful…

but let us not neglect fueling our spirits by taking time to be in His Word.

To sit quietly in His Presence and to continue to sing His praises <3

God bless each one of you as you go about the preparations for what this season looks like for you.

As we fill our homes and calendars with the beauty of this Christmas season, I pray we will be filled with a deeper hunger to know the One whose birth we celebrate <3


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  1. I appreciate your words for this season so much. They are so relevant to life in the 21st century. It bothers me a great deal to watch commercialism invade our celebration of Christ’s Holy birth.

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