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Exodus musings Part 1 <3


I have in mind something I want to send out tomorrow but it is churning in my brain so much, I decided to break it into two parts. 

As you know if you stop by here fairly regularly, I am committed to reading through the Bible this  year.

Since I know me, and I have looked at our calendar for the next few months, and reading through the bible isn’t my first “rodeo”… I am reading ahead right now because I will be facing some weeks in February and March where I might need to have some slack built in. 

That being said, I am in Exodus 30-33 today and if you are reading through with me and are behind that, DO NOT…I repeat DO NOT… get discouraged or feel you are behind.

Take a breath. You are fine…carry on with your plan and just humor me with my musings for where I am currently reading.

I have some observations after having spent the last few days on Mt Sinai with Moses and in no particular order, here they are:

<3 God gives extremely detailed directions on every single aspect of design and engineering of the building of the Tabernacle.

Every time I read through this section, my head spins. I am one of those people who has multiple learning style dysfunction. 

I need to see it, hear it and do it before I get it. 

I am thankful to live in the age of YouTube tutorials if you get my drift. 

Many times I have to pull up a knitting video as I hold my needles in exactly the same position as the hands on the screen and I hit repeat frequently until my own brain can execute the stitch. When I come to that same stitch a few rows later in the pattern…back we go to YouTube, because retention is also a problem I have. 

So as I read the various directions God gives, my mind is trying to make pictures of fabric and gold rings and beaten metal laid over cherubim and then I have to step away. Because have mercy…they were refugees on the lam out in the desert!!!!

<3 Side note. I constantly want to ask God what Moses wrote the directions down on.

We know the Ten Commandments were on stone tablets, but did Moses have to remember all those details and then come down and speak them to the craftsman or did God provide some kind of writing material? (Perhaps we can see why I need extra time built into my reading plan since my mind tends to ask a LOT of questions…)

And can we just stop for a minute and think about how much intelligence God gave Moses for all of this? 

It’s amazing to me. Simply amazing. 

And we know it is true because there were a whole lot of witnesses to the whole giving of the information and making of the Tabernacle and I doubt you could get that many people to all go along with a hoax or fake news. Things went as is written and it truly is incredibly interesting and powerful.

If you have ever even sewn a simple smock in Home Ec or learned to sew on a button, built a bird house from a kit or tried to follow any kind of pattern…I think you can appreciate the amount of skill and workmanship that went into all of this.

<3 Every time I read about the beautiful gold altar and the fine linen and deep blue garments of Aaron and his sons and then picture them splashing animal blood all over everything I have to stop and really take that image in. 

Think about the labor and creativity and skill that would go into all of these objects.

These were embroidered and polished and made of the absolute best and finest of materials…out in the desert, as we mentioned…and then all of this pinnacle of human effort is sprinkled with animal blood. 

And as I read that I thought of me, dressed in my Sunday best, sitting amongst my family and friends who I love so dearly also in their Sunday best, quietly and reverently praying as we pass the communion trays while a gifted and talented praise team leads us in perfect pitch with skillfully made instruments of the most sophisticated kind on a stage that someone has worked to make dramatic and well-appointed….and as we lift that little wafer off the silver plate and toss back the thimble full of grape juice we are basically saying that without the covering of the sacrificial blood of Jesus Christ we don’t amount to anything more than the ash we will return to. 

Our best and most beautiful and finest efforts are nothing unless they are covered by the Blood of Jesus. 

So there’s my thoughts today. 

You are so precious to Him. 

You were worth leaving heaven for and dying for and you are covered when you receive Him as your price paid. 

Bless you as you mull that over today <3

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  1. I’m totally with you on this! I would need to check the notes I took on my phone or something. So much detail for one brain to hold. But I’m sure God gave him the capacity.

    It makes me think of the telephone game. Even if Moses got it all right and spoke it, imagine all the details that might have gotten lost from person to person. But that’s human error and this was to be a representation of Heaven on Earth. I’m pretty sure God was in the communication of it as well.

    1. He would have had to have been, right? And the way He gave the Holy Spirit so they could do this technical stitching and metal working – they made bricks in Egypt and here they were doing major art work…so cool. God is amazing <3

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