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For anyone who is going down for the count…


To be honest, I considered skipping writing today…and tomorrow and the rest of this week cause my heart isn’t in it…

But then God and I had our time and He reminded me once again..this whole thing….it isn’t about me…

It’s all…always….about Him….always has been….always will be…He is the only safe place for our hearts and our minds.

So if there is just one person today, who feels like me….and your heart isn’t in it this Monday morning…then this is for you…

Yesterday’s sermon had several good teaching points that I could mention but the one that is driving my thoughts this morning is when our pastor was talking about God’s love and forgiveness…

His love expressed through forgiveness….

He used Psalm 103 and at one point he compared the vertical and horizontal love of God…

As High as the heavens are above the earth is His mercy…. verse 11

As far as the east is from the west, He has removed our sins from us…. verse 12

And as Pastor Wayne made broad strokes from the ground in front of himself to as high as he could reach and then stretched wide his arms…pointing out that these lines are planes that go on and on for eternity, this blonde girl…

this sinner saved by grace….

saw ….IMG_0976

the cross of Jesus Christ…

where God’s love reached from the lowest earth to the highest heavens and His forgiveness stretched from east to west….

My hope is built on nothing less.

So is yours

Do not grow weary …. press on <3

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  1. I went from the sermon to our Sunday School Class — topic: Forgiveness. God got me twice!

    1. God definitely is thematic…shows me certain things over and over until it begins to finally sink in =0)

    1. Thank you Sue! Prayers lifted for the Joy of the LORD to be your strength as well!

  2. Thank you, Laura. Yes I needed to hear and be reminded it is all about Him. Press on..keep on keeping on.

    1. Hands lifted in praise as I type!! =0)
      God bless you Cindy…have been lifting all in prayer since Sunday <3

    1. Thank you Susan. I have really been pressing in for God’s people to know His strength and power in the face of whatever they are facing!

  3. Yes, Laura, I feel just like you this morning. Thank you for this “Journey Onward” today. Have a good day!

    1. God bless you Janice – truly there are so many who are hard-pressed right now. But God is faithful!!

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