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Wrapping up another week

Happy Friday to you!

And no fooling…it’s April people ….IMG_4261

So I think March came in and then made its exit like a …..


The only Lamb was the one we celebrated on Easter.

So as we wind down on the week and finish up the miniature bars of chocolate in the cabinet, I am pondering a few things that really spoke to me during the season of Lent.

The first is that alabaster jar that Mary of Bethany broke on the feet of Jesus. I heard it preached from two different sermons and then it happened to be in the final teaching of What Love Is* by Kelly Minter.

And in all three places this unsettling question was asked…

What is it in your life, that when it falls apart…


when it isn’t going well….you come undone?

In the video teaching, Kelly put it like this…

Anything that takes the place of God, that we are inordinately attached to and if it drastically affects us and changes our mood…this signals an idol.  

The answer to that is easy for me…probably for you too.

And although our answers most likely differ, the point is the same for all of us…that thing, or person or relationship might possibly have become an idol.

According to Kelly Minter’s teaching, it most likely is a good thing…something that in and of itself is not wrong…but if our security and footing and life flow require that thing to be doing well for us to be doing well…then it has a hold on us.

She quotes Ken Sande, “An idol is something other than God that we set our heart on, that motivates us, masters us, rules us, or that we trust, fear, serve or has become a functional god.”



The second thought I keep mulling over is this line that I hear just about every single week when we have communion at church.

Jesus, on the night He was betrayed, took bread…..broke it…gave thanks…said this is My Body…broken for you….1 Corinthians 11:23

And while these words are so very familiar to me…it kept sinking in this year.

On the night He was BETRAYED…

Have you been betrayed?

I have.

People I love have.

And as much as I hate to admit it, I have betrayed others.

Betrayal is worse than rejection.

Rejection is a preference thing.

Betrayal is a breaking of trust, a violation of confidence.

And I can tell you that on the moments when I have been betrayed…the last thing I wanted to do was break bread and give thanks.

And I am in awe that this is our God.


And then third and last…

I am sad to say goodbye to the last two weeks memory verse…

it has been like a five point statement of faith to me since a friend shared it with me on March 15th…

I hope it blesses you and I hope you might just make it your faith statement this weekend….


The Lord your God is with you <3

He is mighty enough to save you <3

He will take great delight in you <3

The quietness of His love will calm you down <3

He will sing with JOY because of ….. Y O U  <3               Zephaniah 3:17

Say it out loud…count it off with one hand….repeat it until you believe it!

God bless you dear one this weekend with Joy…and love…and peace…given freely from the One whose body was broken and blood was shed for sweet, wonderful YOU !

Let His love quiet you and oh! how I pray…you hear Him singing over you sometime this weekend <3

See you on Monday!

*What Love Is by Kelly Minter available through Lifeway (you can order the study book and download her video teachings and do with some friends or even your spouse…great study of 1,2 and 3 John)




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