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For auld lang syne, my dears <3


Happy last day of 2019!

What is your tradition or mood as we wind up a year? 

Are you all about the celebration of the New Year…or are you more interested in the reflection on the old one…or a lovely mix of both?

I find this week between Christmas and New Years to be one of looking back seeking insight as to how things went down and a sense of expectancy and hope for what lies ahead and a crazy zest to purge and clean and organize. 

While my soul-self would be content to drag this year’s journals off to some quiet retreat place, my heart and body are preparing to spend some last minute memory-making with family and friends. 

So basically…today is like every other day in my life…torn between my love of people and my need to refuel in places of solitude and quiet. 

We have miles to go before we sleep so I am just going to take a minute to thank each of you who make this trek with me throughout my daily ponderings. 

Thank you to anyone who has taken a minute to send me a note or tell me in passing that you read this. 

You keep me going. 

Thanks to my sweet family who tell me they read it and don’t ever make me feel like I shared too much or too little. They are my tribe and I love them so much, but often I love selfishly and they are so kind and forgiving <3

Thanks to my friends who faithfully like and share and don’t hold back in friendship for fear I will post about them. You know who you are and you mean the world to me <3

Thanks to my Declare Sista’s who encourage me in the professional aspect of this calling and help me understand that what I do is really a thing and not just a figment of my imagination. Your Marco Polo’s and texts and prayers are manna from heaven <3

Thanks be to God for the way He speaks to me and then holds my hands while I type so what comes out is something to you that He would like to say through someone like me. 

Thanks for the freedom I have to post my thoughts and thanks for grace when I don’t do it well. 

Thanks be to God for the year that has passed and the ways He has worked and thanks be to Him for the days yet to come. 

I pray a blessing over each of you – over your homes and your families and your lives. 

I pray that you know deep down in the farthest reaches of your hearts and minds and souls the love of Christ for you. 

Happy New Year! 

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    1. Thank you so much! Same to you and I look forward to all the ways we will see God work in 2020!

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