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Good morning to you and Happy Friday!

Yesterday I spent some much needed time going through several stacks of notes and paper around and on the desk Russ and I share. He got his stacks cleared this week and it inspired me to finish this dreaded task. 

Sometimes I wish I didn’t have the brain I have because ideas come to me at all times except when I am actually sitting in front of the computer, so I jot them down on any available piece of paper and then stash them in the office. 

There are times I can’t even read what I wrote…or piece together why I thought it was a good idea. 

But other phrases are gems to be mined on mornings like this, when I pray and ask God for a good word to share with you and He whispers … how about that one?

So today I bring you the phrase our dear realtor planted on me two years ago when we were scrambling to get our house on the market ASAP because, lo and behold, we had just finalized the purchase of a new one scheduled a few days before Christmas.  

We have owned two homes before so we didn’t need to go travel through that desert again.

I assured God we had learned all that could be taught the first go round, so I began to launch into high gear as we packed up boxes and parted with treasures like all the construction paper projects for elementary grades 1 – 6 times 3…yes…I am that mom. 

The agent we were working with happens to also be a good friend and so she looked at my sentimental self and our house that reflects all people loved by us and she sagely gave me this truth…

They’re not buying the HOME. They are buying the house. They are not buying your bathroom rugs or your stuff on the fridge. All these things are what make your house your home, but they are not looking for your home. They are looking for a house to make into their home. 

I could go so many directions with that this morning, but I am going to share just one thought and then leave that truth to speak to you as God would lead your understanding. 

I wrote down in my notes my own take for the season we were walking through and it was this. 

Sometimes my imperfections are ok for me, but not to show everyone. 

It is not false to withhold displaying all that is in my heart to strangers passing through. 

I am wired to be an open book. 

What I am thinking, feeling, going through is transparent to everyone from my closest confidants to the check out girl at Kroger. 

But not everyone is looking for my heart. Nor looking out for my heart. 

And it is ok to guard our hearts. 

Be safe with who you are today.

You…yes you…

with the refrigerator door full of hand drawn pictures and some old wedding invitations from summer….

you with the tears hovering a bit too close to spilling over and…

you who struggles to fight back inappropriate laughter in awkward situations…

or any other of the wildly unique and quirky ways that God has made YOU….

you are precious and loved and of great value to Him who gave His life for you <3 

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  1. I took me a long time to realize that I am good enough. God loves everything about me – imperfections, inappropriateness, goofiness – all of it. Thanks for the reminder.

    1. Yes…and as Max Lucado says…loves us too much to leave us the way He found us <3 Always transforming us...day by day <3

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