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Giving cookies to a mouse….

Do you know the book? If You Give a Mouse a Cookie…

I hope you do. It is so fun. The story follows the consequences that arise when giving a cookie to a mouse. It leads to one thing after another. The pictures are adorable, even for a non-lover of rodents like me…

But sometimes I feel I live the adult version of the story.

Not so cute…

One example, of MANY….

I go to empty the dishwasher and find that I dropped a hot pad on top of the glasses.

I take the soaked hot pad to the laundry room so it can hang out of sight to dry.

I notice I have a load of wash that needs to go in the dryer.

I fold the clothes that are still in the dryer, and transfer the wet clothes; realizing there are a couple of things that can only toss a few minutes.

I use the few minutes to start another load, and knock over a bottle that is on top of the dryer that I have knocked over numerous times.

When I put the bottle away, I see I am low on stain remover.

I go to the kitchen to write it on the grocery list.

I remember I need to remove the clothes from the dryer that are only supposed to be tossed a few minutes.

While doing this, I think how this is so much like giving a mouse a cookie and decide to jot the thought down on my calendar to write as a post.

When I go to the calendar, I see the open door of the dishwasher and realize I never finished putting the dishes away…..


Staying on track and focused in life is a lot like…giving a mouse a cookie. It is a constant effort to keep the mind and heart steadfast.

We all struggle in different ways to stay the course. It is helpful to remember that THIS TOO is something God wants to help us with!

I pray you are experiencing a sense of purpose in the tasks of your day. I pray that you know God’s presence as you maneuver through the various distractions, interruptions and sometimes mundane details that make up the “work” you are assigned to!

Which reminds me….

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