Go Cardinals

And yes, I am a fan of the St Louis team….but today I am in awe of God’s handiwork all around us.

I have been noticing a male and female cardinal around our back patio the past few weeks.

On Sunday, I was trimming a bush next to the porch and was a little surprised when a bird flew in under the porch and then up to the tree in the front yard. I didn’t think much of it and kept snipping at the branches, when she flew past again and this time when she flew away she swooped high over to our neighbors. And in the tree in our yard, was ┬áthe bright red male, chirping loudly and making quite a ruckus.

Oh…..I get it…..and I began to look very closely at the bush I was pruning….


Tucked away in the branches not far from my landscaping efforts….


was something that mattered very much to this pair.


Something worth risking harm for….

Something worth standing guard over….


I know they are not wired like humans….but I know just how they feel…..

Don’t mess with our nest….

God bless you as you watch over those you love knowing that God is watching over them AND you <3

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