Yielding my right of way

Over the weekend, Russ and I were heading across town. At one intersection we had front row seats to a near-miss accident.

We were headed west, facing east bound traffic and waiting at a stoplight. The light turned green, but out of the corner of our eyes we both saw a car shoot out of the side street to our left. It was either attempting to turn right on red or flat out running the red light.

The east bound car must have been anticipating the light change and had made a fast take off. Brakes squealed and thankfully, Russ hesitated because the turning car panicked and just made an arc and shot through the whole four lane intersection in front of us.

There you go. Rather than get hit by this car, how about we run through the entire red light.

We both kind of just looked at each other like…yeah, that happened.

But I have been there in my life.

A bad decision, followed by a worse one.

In panic, I try to correct my error and put myself and others in position for an even bigger mess. Sometimes I have crashed and burned, but sometimes I made it through.

Shaken but unscathed. Wiser and awake finally. And a lot of times, it was with the help of someone who was patient and surrendered their “right of way” to help me see the right way.

I am thankful for the folks along the journey of my life who have been patient and watchful. People of integrity who were steadfast and alert to my foolish ways.

It seems to me that we live in a world with many people who are hurtling out of control. They have gotten the idea that they can beat the odds and do what they want when they want and there won’t be any consequences.

Maybe by being watchful, and sometimes surrendering my “rights”, I can help some of them avoid the pain of destruction and remind them of the blessings of obedience.

I pray we would all remain alert and vigilant today to do the right thing, even if, and especially when, it means surrendering our rights.

God bless you as you live a life of obedience and surrender wherever you are <3

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  1. Very interesting thoughts. I agree that our world today is full of free-wheeling, not-a-care-in-the-world ways of living. It is frightening. Of course, I have been guilty of such thinking. Yet I do my best to avoid it as much as possible. Thanks for the reminder to be in prayer for open eyes and a surrendering heart.

    1. Thanks Lisa <3
      It's a constant struggle to keep my mind and heart focused on God's mind and heart...getting ME out of the way is a full time job! ha!

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