Go Pack Go…

Looking forward to the big game Sunday night and no…I have almost zero understanding of the actual game of football beyond knowing the ball got thrown…the ball got caught…the ball is in the wrong team’s hands…we must get the ball back.

How all that happens and why is minor details I will leave to all those on the sidelines.

But that will not stop me from groaning and gasping and acting like I know what is going on.

And even though Russ has accused me of being more of an Aaron Rodger’s fan than a Green Bay fan, I will tell you how the whole fan thing started.

In 2014 they were headed to the playoffs and we were driving home from Iowa. I was having my turn at the wheel and it ended up being a long portion of the drive. Russ had tuned to a pre-game hype-type talk show and so for hours I drove and listened to stories of Lambeau Field and Vince Lombardi and the fans of Green Bay.

I heard testimony after testimony of how under-acknowledged Aaron Rodgers is against flashier quarterbacks.

By the time we got home, I was primed to see this team win the game and head to the Super Bowl.

But they didn’t.

And they haven’t since then.

But my fan-ship has not wavered.

Because I listened to some fans share their love and knowledge of this team, I became a follower.

A simple concept really.

Kind of like Evangelism is supposed to work.

We who love and know Jesus Christ are just supposed to talk about Him.

About what He means to us and what we have learned about Him.

It’s not convincing arguments as Paul tells us in 1 Corinthians 2: 4.

He didn’t rely on his preaching and wisdom, his cleverness and winning ways…he just shared the Gospel…the GOOD NEWS…of Jesus Christ…the love and knowledge of the One who had saved him…relying on the power of the Holy Spirit to draw others to God.

So I guess….Go God Go…would be the best way to phrase it.

Whatever teams we cheer for…whatever things we pursue in this life…all that will matter in the end is that we proclaimed the Only One who matters <3

God bless you all this weekend…and may the best team win <3


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