We could use a little sun here….

Anybody remember the movie Bladerunner?

I don’t remember the plot or the cast, but I do remember that it took place in the future and that it rained all the time and the planet was doused in gloomy sludge and every time we have a string of grey soggy days I wonder…are we fulfilling the prophecy of some sci-fi movie?

Rain in season is wonderful, but too many overcast skies can start to wear on our spirits.

Quite a few people I love are worn down…sun or no.

Too many losses in too short of a time and it is taking a toll on us.

In the midst of these times, we need to be very aware there is a voice that is hissing…”Did God really say….?”

Not just the obvious temptation to switch up God’s word to make it fit our culture.


I am talking to the steadfast in Christ.

The ones who love God and believe His Word.

But who just might succumb to that worse lie of all…

Did God REALLY say He loves…YOU? That He would never leave…YOU? That He would do good for …. YOU?

In the midst of trying times, as we look around for signs of His goodness…we must endeavor to continue to look to the Cross as the answer to that question.


God really loves YOU…He sent His only Son for YOU…that YOU might be transferred into His Kingdom as one of His children…

no matter what it feels like…

no matter what it looks like…


and He loves YOU.

So hang tight, child of the Most High God.

Hold on fast to the Cross.

Wait for the Son…

He will not fail you <3

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  1. Ok…Go Green Bay…☺
    We have had a wonderful January in the northwest with lots of sunshine!
    It is starting to rain this morning. Of course, we get a lot of “seasonal” rain… all year long!
    Yes! God loves me! He loves you! He loves all of us! Yes, our family has had quite a few losses, AND we continue to look to our good, good Father. Thank you for your writing and look forward to our Journey Onward!

    1. I have said several times…this must be what it is like to live on Pacific NW coast…=0) But you all bring sunshine wherever you are <3

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