The truth and nothing but the truth…oh help us, God <3

As anyone who has moved recently knows, there is quite a bit of effort we must put into getting all the components of our modern world transferred from one location to another.

Utilities, waste and technology services.

All of it involves multiple phone calls to outsourced customer service reps. Much wait time, much talking to automated systems that can speak in full sentences and yet understand nothing you are saying, much frustrations with jumping through hoops and giving out so much personal information it makes Russian hacking appear to be child’s play…I am not bitter. Honest I’m not.

In the process, we found out our former internet provider does not have service capacity in our new location and so we had to start up with a different company.

I spent right at an hour one night working with a lady to order internet service for our new home.

She quoted me a price for just internet and then for only a few dollars more we could add our home phone to the package. Sounded good to me and so we sealed the deal . All I needed to do was to pick up the equipment the week of our move.

What she failed to tell me was that I needed to make sure and maintain our OLD service if I wanted to transfer our OLD landline number…so when we went into pick up our little do-it-yourself technology stuff we found out a different story.

The young man behind the counter said we could get a new number and go with a phone in the house or just do the internet.

The whole draw had been to keep our same number so we said we would just go with the $89.99 internet only.

To which he asked where we got that figure for a monthly fee.

Uhm…from the person who works from the same company you do that gave me that as the monthly price.

Oh well, he said…that is a sales technique. The new customer price is actually $40 cheaper than the gal quoted me.

He then explained that the person who “helped” me set up service used a marketing technique of quoting the regular fee thus making it look more appealing to add the landline since it would be just a few dollars more.

As I remember, we shockingly inferred that she had not been honest with us to which he said…basically…oh no…she didn’t lie…she just didn’t tell you the whole truth.

Let that sit on you for just a minute or two.

Because if you can nod your head and agree that, anywhere on this green earth, we can tell a partial truth in order to make something look appealing and then convince ourselves that it isn’t a lie…that it is just good business….we have crossed a very dangerous line.

We walk in a world where the above conversation makes far too much sense for far too many people.

Now, more than ever, Christ-followers need to be guarding both heart and mind…daily…with prayers for discernment and wisdom to speak and live truthfully.

Carefully choosing what information we share in order to gain from someone else’s ignorance is never okay.

Half-truths are lies.

All the time.

Let’s be people of our word as we grow IN THE WORD in 2017.

God bless each and every one of you.

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  1. This is all so true, we had a terrible time getting things set up here when we moved. We know what you’re going thru.

    1. Oh Uncle Theron…I am so sorry. It is such a headache to get it all switched and we are truly at the mercy of those who provide these services. They can charge whatever they want and we have to pay! Bless you!!!!

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