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Good Monday Morning to you <3


With the breath of cooler weather and lower humidity…

corn stalks that may still sport quite a bit of green but surely are making their way to harvest time…

and maybe just a few hot days left to wilt us…

Fall is tiptoeing its way into the year.

And I am ready for it.

We have had a busy summer that involved more travel than usual and it has been fun but the house needs some TLC…

if not a wrecking crew…

I need a little more order to my days and weeks, and even though we no longer send little ones or big ones off to school, there is a rhythm to the year and this season is one that helps me reset and adjust.


I love the crispness of Fall…anything pumpkin…having the windows open again…sweaters and jeans…it is the most energizing season to me.

As one by one we watched members of our tribe move out of academics and into the “real world”, it seemed we were a tiny bit displaced when the school year rolled around.

But Russ rescued us by introducing the idea of going to random high school football games.

Since he played football, he actually understands the game and likes to watch it.

I enjoy trying the various sandwiches** and comparing them from town to town, the people watching and the band.

**(Head’s up, the Clinton Maroons had the BEST rib eye sandwiches EVER last year…and Arthur Pork Chop Supper for Homecoming….ahhhh-mazing…not that I have been thinking about that or anything…)

We usually end up seeing people we know which is fun and since we don’t have a dog in the race, so to speak, we don’t get all caught up in the drama and we can leave when we want to.

Plus it is just a fun way to feel connected to the communities surrounding our burg <3



It is a new tradition of Fall that I have come to enjoy and look forward to.

Last week I talked a bit about the difficulty of change, and while I do believe we need to take time to grieve we also need to embrace new opportunities and yes…even…gulp…embrace…change…


And so, I am excited for a new series our church, along with at least 17 others in the community will be doing this September…

if you live around here, you may start seeing signs pop up in yards….

all the way up to where they have those yummy steak sandwiches….

It’s called Finding Your Way Back to God….and while it is a five week study based on Luke 15 parable of the Prodigal Son, I have some insider tip that it will address not just our big God-leavings…but the recurring cycles we will encounter as followers of Christ throughout our journey with Him on planet Earth.

I am looking forward to joining this study and will be sharing some gleanings with a new category called FYWBTG. 

So for now….have a great start to your week and may all your latte’s be pumpkin…



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