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I thought you fell off the face of the earth…*(do yourself a favor and google the lyrics to Toby Mac for this one)


Some randoms for Friday…and for those of you who asked or even thought…”Are you Ok?” this past week…thank you…I wasn’t…but I will be <3

and now….without further ado…let the randomness begin…


The Olympics…oh please…I love them…drawn like a moth to a flame…those little gymnasts giggling about pizza and french fries and Zach Ephron and, oh yeah, the gold medals..but seriously, we are meeting Zach Eprhon for pizza tonight…too cute…can’t help it

Then there is the Bolt…how can one person exude that much personality walking onto a track?

I confess this morning I told Russ that every time I complete a task today, I am going to make myself into as much of a lightening bolt pose as I possibly can.

Either that or I will thrust my arms over my head like I just stuck my landing.

Try it.

You can’t believe how much it adds to your sense of accomplishment.


and hey…after so many commercials about how healthy McDonald’s is now, we loaded up yesterday after school….

(Picture me crouching sideways with my arms pointing up over my right shoulder right about ….now)



What happened to ….



And I don’t just mean THIS summer….I  mean S.U.M.M.E.R. as in….it lasted until Labor Day and THEN we started school….just seems like kids shouldn’t have to call in sick to show their animals at the State Fair…..



Maybe you have been like me and needing some help holding it together so here’s a little tidbit picture I picked up from a sermon I listened to yesterday….

Wrap your mind around this visual given by guest speaker Ray Anderson on July 17th at Grace Covenant Church in Austin TX…..

My paraphrase….

Imagine you tell God you are thirsty and He sets a glass on the table in front of you.

He begins to pour from a pitcher and fills the glass, but then it spills over.

He keeps pouring as it runs over the table and onto the floor.

And you say…Oh…I get it…you will give me as much as I need

and He says….

No you don’t get it.

I will give you…

all that I have.


Think on that one for a little bit…

all that HE HAS…






Poured out generously, liberally and lovingly on every need in your heart.

Kinda makes you wanna…you know….do the “Bolt”…

as you..and I ….


journey onward <3



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  1. Thanks for sharing that… Love it.. The mind picture of the water overflowing is one I am going to keep when I think of and pray go God!

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