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Good to know when choosing sides…


I do not like to debate.

I don’t like mind games, having people “pick my brain” (ewwww….) or dialoguing.

I like to state my opinion…passionately…and have everyone around me nod in agreement.

If someone thinks it is profound…so be it…

Also, I must confess, I dislike being wrong.

And as a Christian, it is extremely important to me that God is on my side for the issues that I feel the most strongly about.

So with a little toe crunching this morning, I find a good reminder about how God views choosing sides….

Joshua 5: 13-15 finds …. well…Joshua… near the tall walls of Jericho contemplating the first looming challenge of the people of God to begin to possess the land promised to them.

Suddenly He is joined by a Man…scholars believe He is Jesus…with a sword drawn.

And Joshua is very interested to find out whose side He will be joining. He asks Him point blank….

Are You for us or for them?

His answer…well…not what Joshua was looking for but exactly what he needed….

No, but as Commander of the army of the LORD I have now come.

No. I am not for their side. No. I am not for your side.

And then He tells Joshua to take off his shoes because…by the way…he is standing on holy ground.

Tony Evans put it beautifully, “He comes, not to take sides, but to take over.”

I need to hear that today.

As all manner of issues are debated and argued and volleying around me…and my dander rises; as my defenses go up right along with my blood pressure…I need to hear this.

He doesn’t come to prove anyone right.

He is right.

He doesn’t come to join a side so they can declare a win.


No one wins but Him.

The only appropriate place for me in the battle is humbly worshipping Him, barefoot and on my knees, waiting for His marching orders.

It is not about sides.

It is not about who of us is right and who is wrong.

It is not about us getting God to draw His sword for our campaign.

It is all about us surrendering to His.

May God bless us as we lay down our weapons and our agendas and our passions and come under His Command <3

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  1. A great reminder of how He gently reminds us that He has a plan for us.. As you say, we just need to worship Him ” barefoot and on our knees”. Thank you so much for using your gift to assist me in my walk!

    1. Thank you for your words of encouragement! I am so thankful for God to use me in any way to point others to Him <3

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