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To all the shrinking violets…


I am writing this on Sunday afternoon.

It’s been a few hours ago since I stood surrounded by a whole lot of people loudly singing about today being the day.

“TODAY is the day”…. we sang.

The day He has made. And because He made this day, we rejoice and we say we are glad to rejoice.

The church sang with gusto about how we were giving God our doubts and sorrows. We vowed loudly in song to trust in what He says. And then we affirmed that today…TODAY is the day.

But what about later today?

Later today when it’s quieter. Later today, when I have read the local newspaper and CNN. Later today when I see the pictures of  two more groups of Christians martyred and headlines scream at me and the calendar on the counter points to Monday.

When my heart wants to worry about those near and far that don’t know that….Today is the day.

When my heart is sad for the fears and the doubts some of my friends and family are facing. Real fears and doubts.

When I am overwhelmed by the violence and chaos that is happening all over this country and all over the world. Real violence and chaos.

When I feel so small and I know others feel so small and we are separated by so much distance…


Do I still know Today is the day….for me to give Him all my doubts and sorrows?

Will I know tomorrow that I will trust in all He says?

By His grace I will.

I will continue to say it today.

And when tomorrow is today, I will say it again…sometimes boldly…sometimes a whisper….sometimes a trembling hand raised.


By His grace, with His grace…I will trust in what He says. Not how I feel. Not how things look.


The day HE made and we will … by His grace….rejoice and be glad in it  <3

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