Grace hovers

I finished the last day of the last week of Children of the Day at work on Wednesday.

As with all Bible Study, this one was absolutely spot on each and every day for the 9 weeks of study. It worked perfectly in tandem with my daily reading and our sermon series at church.

But that’s God.

The closing pages were about Grace…the kindness of God expressed to those of us who do not deserve it.

Beth Moore listed a whole lot of word pictures of what grace looks like.  Each one so beautiful and perfect that I drew a heart in front of every statement.

Then she did what she always does that just makes me want to scream….she went and asked me to think…asked me to come up with a word picture of grace on my own.

And since she’s Beth…I sat there and thought and made my brain hurt thinking….and when I was starting to tense up, I lifted my head and …..



saw this hanging right over me.

It had been there all day, of course …


because I work in a place that is just one delightful kaleidoscope of beauty and creativity….all just fingerprints of God…

And while the chandelier is always there, these little hovering doves were a new and unexpected delight….

so I had to look closer…

and sure enough….IMG_3447 - Version 2

those doves of peace are holding hearts….

and then I knew….

Grace hovers over me all the time…holding my heart….

so I sat back down and picked up my pen and wrote my word picture….

Grace pries my fingers off of the people and circumstances I am clinging so tightly to and then embraces both more securely than I could have ever hoped or dreamed.

Grace…always….always holds my heart….


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