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New mercies that endure forever? Yes, please <3

Somewhere between Saturday night and Sunday morning, I woke with one of those dreams.

The kind that leaves me emerging sleep with real tears and a sense that what happened in the dream actually happened somewhere on this planet .

The kind that casts a shadow on my heart that follows me even after I wake up in the morning and go about the business of life.

The kind that pushes me out of bed and on to the floor of our room and tears and prayers pour out from a place deep inside me that only God can understand.

And of course…

because somehow this time in the watches of the night seems to be my usual time when God wakes me up….

it was 3:33 am

So I prayed sloppy, passionate prayers for things I didn’t even understand and hoped were only a dream and when I felt release, I went back to bed.

But that dream…so real…it left it’s mark and the shadow was there even when the alarm went off at 6.

So I rolled out again and hit the floor to thank God for another day, brushed my teeth, marveled at my bed head and headed down the stairs with a more than a little heaviness of heart.

As I rounded the corner of the hall, I saw pink light resting on my Bible, still opened from the day before.



I wondered if I had left a light on in the family room, but no….



and I thought…His mercies…new ….


every morning….



I don’t know what your dreams, nightmares, tears, joys, challenges, hopes and dreams are today, but believe Him when He tells you —–

His mercies, His grace, His love and His kindness…they are new for you and for me….every single moment of every single day!

And every single moment of every single day of your life, He has been and He is and He will always be FAITHFUL <3

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