I received the news this morning of the passing of a great man. I happen to be far from home at a conference where there are many who want to leave their marks as great men.

But the family I grieve for can tell you that a great man is a man who serves God and loves his family faithfully.

A great man is a man who goes to work every day and plays catch with not only his son, but his daughter.

A great man raises his hands in praise to his almighty God and bends his knee in humility before the Cross.

A great man leads a small group of teens, goes on mission trips, and serves up snacks at the lock-in.

A great man surrenders to the reality of a decaying body and continues to serve God and love his family faithfully until the end.

A great man leaves the mark of tears shed and lives that will grieve his passing but will carry on his name by serving God and loving each other faithfully.

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